Tom Stevens Virtually Live
Welcome to a one of a kind entertainment experience where you have a choice as to what songs and celebrity impressions you want me to perform at your special event.

Here, YOU will be the show designer and have total control as to how long you want my show to be. Also if you would like a special dedication or want me to recognize a special person at your event all that can be arranged.

You can see just some of the celebrity voices that you can choose from as well as classic comedy sketches that are already part of my repertoire.

Just click a show image below where you will see the choices of songs and voices that can be in your special one of a kind show…designed by you for your special event.

So whether you’re having a charity fundraiser, special anniversary, birthday celebration, or even just a gathering of a few friends in your home and would like to have me perform the songs you want to hear...


If you would like to see some samples of my Tributes, visit my  Facebook page!!

These are the show formats to choose from:

( Click on a show image below to view a lineup of the show )

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