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Dean Martin And Friends Show!!

Dean Martin And Friends Show
Here is a lineup of the Show:

Dean Martin Memories Are Made Of This
Dean Martin True Love
Dean Martin Houston
Dean Martin Welcome To My World
Dean Martin Everybody Loves Somebody
Al Jolson My Mammy
Sammy Davis, Jr. I've Gotta Be Me
Comedy Karaoke Party
(Singing a medley of Frank Sinatra songs - Christopher Walken/Arnold Schwarzenegger /Jimmy Stewart/Bernie Sanders/Bill Clinton/Jack Nicholson/Rodney Dangerfield/Donald Trump/Paul Lynde/Jerry Lewis/Richard Nixon/Robert Deniro)
Various Singers Medley
(Nat King Cole/Perry Como/Engelbert Humperdinck/Carol Channing/Wayne Newton)
Tony Bennett San Francisco
George Burns Comedy
(Comedy routine/Song 'I Wish I Was Eighteen Again')
Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias To All The Girls
Tom Stevens Hallelujah
Barry Gibb Words
Car Radio Comedy
(Johnny Cash/Mick Jagger/Bob Dylan/Steve Martin/David Bowie/YMCA/Billy Joel/ Brooks and Dunn/Elton John/Roy Orbison)
Elvis Presley It's Now Or Never
Tom Jones Delilah
Cher If I Could Turn Back Time
Neil Diamond Sweet Caroline

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