Tom Stevens Virtually Live

Tom Stevens Unplugged!!

Tom Stevens Unplugged
Here is a lineup of the Show:

Tom Stevens I Gotta Be Them
(Tom's own unique version of 'I Gotta Be Me')
Al Jolson My Mammy
Dean Martin Sittin On Top Of The World
(Opening Number)
Comedy Karaoke Party
(Singing a medley of Frank Sinatra songs - Christopher Walken/Arnold Schwarzenegger /Jimmy Stewart/Bernie Sanders/Bill Clinton/Jack Nicholson/Rodney Dangerfield/Donald Trump/Paul Lynde/Jerry Lewis/Richard Nixon/Robert Deniro)
Various Greatest Medley
Tony Bennett For Once In My Life
Bobby Darin Artificial Flowers
Neil Diamond I'm A Believer
George Burns I Wish I Was Eighteen Again
Car Radio Comedy
(Johnny Cash/Mick Jagger/Bob Dylan/Steve Martin/David Bowie/YMCA/Billy Joel/ Brooks and Dunn/Elton John/Roy Orbison)
Various 60's Medley
(Gary Puckett/John Denver/Gordon Lightfoot)
Kenny Rogers The Gambler
Tom Stevens Hallelujah
Barry Gibb Words
Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World
Tom Jones I'll Never Fall In Love Again
Cher If I Could Turn Back Time
Ray Charles America, The Beautiful

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